Satellite Customers Should Demand Local Channels

Many of you who subscribe to DirecTV or DISH have called or written asking why KTRE is not your local station on the satellite packages.

Some of you have been told by the satellite companies that it's the station's fault.  Well, I want you to know that's just not so.

KTRE wants both satellite companies to distribute our signal.  For forty years we have sent our signal to our sister station in Tyler.  It would be easy to transmit the KTRE signal to the shared uplink point in Tyler.   We have a retransmission agreement ready for signature of both companies which would permit carriage of KTRE.  Neither DirecTV nor DISH is interested in signing.

Hey, KTRE is available.  We are ready, able and willing.

Consider This...If you are a satellite subscriber, call DirecTV or Dish and tell them you want KTRE, your local news station, added to the satellite lineup.  It's what you're paying for, and it's what you have every right to expect.

That's what we think, tell us what you think.