Thousand Attend SFA Orientation

The SFA Grand Ballroom is filled with over a thousand participants in Summer Orientation One, the first of five to be held this summer. Enthusiasm by orientation leaders help build spirit. Loud cheering occurs throughout the program.   Most of the incoming freshmen are leaving home for the first time. The majority come from Houston, Texas. Others come from Dallas and East Texas.

Orientation leaders help students avoid home sickness. Zebine Bojler from Stockholm, Sweden can relate.    " I want to tell them not to be nervous and that sfa is a wonderful campus and they'll meet a lot of new people here and they'll meet their new best friends, " said the communication major.

Parents are in the loop too. Disoriented ones are pointed in the right direction.  " You'll take a right over there by that building, "  directs one orientation leader. All this friendliness makes them feel at ease. Tina Brinton of Spring said,  " I love it. I'm so excited for her. I can't wait for her to start in the fall. "  Her daughter chose SFA for its reputation of having a good education department.

That's a review which pleases an orientation coordinator. Hollie Smith said, " We have fun, mixed with some business. " College orientations have grown over the last twenty years. Administrators realize the importance of a first impression. Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Adam Peck said,  " We want to help them make that transition from high school to college which is an extremely important factor in whether or not they'll be successful in college."

For the first time sfa chose to have three orientations in June. The early sessions always have better attendance. Ralph Bugsby with counseling and career services said,  " We hope that means something good for our fall enrollment."

Fall is when the big goodbyes are said. The verdict is still out on weekend visits. Tim Woods of Houston admits,   " I don't know. I'm still debating. I love my mama. That's my beautiful mama right there. " it's mom's job to decide if that's just a sweet son, or an attempt to get some extra cash. Mom decided,  " Yeah, that's extra cash. That's it." College orientation 101.