TxDot Decides Not To Build Trans Corridor

All those meetings that were held for people to give their opinions on the Trans-Texas Corridor apparently paid off. Texas Department of Transportation announced today that the department will no longer explore building the I-69 Trans Texas Corridor through undeveloped areas of East Texas.

TxDOT received comments from more than 28,000 Texans and an overwhelming majority were from East Texans.

State Senator Robert Nichols is glad that the department listened to the public. He released a statement today saying, " As a strong advocate of private property rights, I see this as a huge victory for the public. I believe utilizing existing infrastructure will be more cost efficient and have far less negative impact on family farms and small communities. I applaud East Texas families, the Texas Farm Bureau, and other groups for speaking loud and clear about their objections. Their work paid off."

Nichols also stated, " I look forward to working with Governor Perry and newly appointed TxDOT Commissioner Delisi to implement good transportation policy in Texas."

The department will look into using the existing highways to implement the TTC.

The State Senator says, "Making the decision to use existing highway footprint is a good example of TxDOT working with the public."