Nacogdoches Police Report - 6/11/08

ASSAULT: 100 BLOCK OF EAST SEALE. Two individuals were involved in a disturbance and assaulted each other. One suffered a small cut on the hand from a broken glass. Tracy Jackson and Clifton Crain were arrested.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION: 1600 BLOCK OF CARDINAL. A female suspect forced her way into an apartment through the door. She broke the door jam and picked up a piece of wood and struck the male victim with it. Brittany Baker was arrested.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 2800 BLOCK OF PEARL STREET. Complainant reported that a known suspect damaged a car last January and now wishes to file charges.

FELONY EVADING ARREST: 2000 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. Officers were involved in a pursuit at approximately 2:00 am. The vehicle struck a truck in a yard at Pearl and Bowie and continued out old Tyler road. Vehicle was last seen on FM 698. Investigation underway.

ASSAULT: 3400 BLOCK OF EAST MAIN. Two suspects were involved in a fight in the parking lot and struck each other. Investigation underway.

IDENTITY THEFT: 2100 BLOCK OF LOLA. Complainant reported that a known suspect is using his name to obtain cable TV service.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT: 600 BLOCK OF BURK STREET. Two males were involved in a physical altercation. Alex Gonzales was arrested after he attempted to stab the victim with a meat fork and then a knife.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 3100 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. Complainant reported the front door glass broken from a building.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 2500 BLOCK OF PEARL STREET. A known suspect was let into an apartment who spread trash all over the complainant's bed. The suspect also cut the complainant's clothes up.

HIT AND RUN: 4900 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. Complainant reported that his semi truck was sideswiped by another tractor-trailer which left the scene.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 100 BLOCK OF COOPER. Complainant reported the back glass of a suburban with an unknown object.

THEFT: 1500 BLOCK OF EAST STARR. Complainant reported that a known suspect stole a diamond ring from the bathroom of the apartment.