Police Chase Ends with Man in Custody

Friday morning, officers from the Angelina County Sheriff's Office and Hudson Police Department responded to a call of woman in a state of panic with blood on her clothing.

But it turned into much more.

Officers arrived to find two women with severe head injuries.

Both had been tied up and beaten with a baseball bat, and were transported to Memorial Hospital.  One of the women is a Lufkin State School resident, who was temporarily staying with her aunt.

During the investigation, the suspect, Loyde Dwayne Waggoner, who had fled the scene in one of the victim's cars, was spotted driving the stolen vehicle near the home.

Officers pursued him, and in his attempt to escape, Waggoner rolled the car.

He was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted capital murder, a first degree felony.

He's being held in the Angelina County jail.