World War 2 Memorial

by Christa Lollis

In front of the Angelina County airport there is now a plane that hangs as a memorial to the men in the 153rd unit of the navy. It's the same plane Joe Denman saw when he joined the navy. He said, "In front of it was a pilot standing in his navy whites with gold wings and we stood there and looked at that and we decided that the girls would like the uniform so we went in and joined the navy instead of joining the army."

Denman approached the experimental aircraft association about the marker and with the combined effort the world war 2 memorial is now at the airport for everyone to see. "This memorial will not only serve to honor the members of the 153rd but for all those people who have served our country," Jack Porbeck with the EAA said. And they stressed that point that it is a reminder of all the troops. "I think it's important that we as a country continue to remember those people who have fought to defend our freedoms through all the years," Porbeck said.

For Denman it will always be a reminder of all the memories he has of he fellow soldiers and of the war. He says, "A great experience with this group the 153 there's very few of us left standing now 65 years later and I wanted to do something to honor and remember them. I'm gonna remember them all myself but I hope somebody else in later years can remember them too."