Lincoln Theater Fundraising

by Christa Lollis

The demolition notice is posted and construction has begun on the Lincoln Theater. The African American Historical Multicultural Society has been fighting to keep the theater as a landmark for North Lufkin. The president of the organization, Victor Travis explained, "This is the last standing icon or building in this neighborhood that was once part of something that was from our past and this is the entrance also to North Lufkin."

Through fundraising efforts the restoration project has come to life. Now they're hoping a raffle for a moped and a gas gift certificate will bring in even more dollars but they know this is just the beginning. Travis said, "That is to get us kicked off you know we are trying to get other things done as well as far as grants, matching funds and donations."

They're hoping the whole community will get involved and donate money and time to keep the theater project moving. "We have to have the inside gutted and then we're going to redo the insides. We have to have our engineers redo the plans so that we may build the building from the inside out and try to keep it as much to the original specs as possible," Travis explained. All that work could take a few years to complete but the group working on it knows the hard work will pay off for the North Lufkin community.

The drawing for the moped and gas card will be held at the Juneteenth festival in Brandon Park on Thursday. If you would like more information about the raffle tickets and how to get involved you can contact Victor Travis at 936-632-4741.