Historic Hotel Sold

by Christa Lollis

A few years ago when Susan Pack Reents moved to Nacogdoches she immediately was drawn to the Fredonia Hotel. Now after more than a year of planning, she is the new owner of the Nacogdoches landmark. "No words, I'm excited, I'm thrilled, my mouth hurts from smiling," Reents explained.

She believes the building has the potential to be a major tourist attraction that would bring more people to the East Texas town. "I think Nacogdoches is a true hidden secret. I've met so many people with their mouths wide open when they've seen this building and they've seen the downtown brick streets and had no idea it was here."

With a fresh coat of paint and a more inviting space she hopes more people will be drawn into the hotel like she was. So for the next 3 to 4 months her team will begin with the renovations. She says, "To be more of a living room to Nacogdoches and have a piano just open that whole area into the lobby and then just a lot of refreshing kind of a shot in the arm sort of refreshing on the first floor and then in our guest rooms a lot of linens and amenities and things." That is just the first round of the makeover. But over the next few years Reents says the hotel will continue to be made more modern while still maintaining it's historic nature.