Capital Murder Defendant Remains Out On Bond

Dallas Christian is free to go straight home and continue his house arrest. The 25 year old is accused of playing a role in the hired 2005 murder of James Kelly. The state argued an ankle monitoring bracelet worn by Christian indicated he violated the boundary terms on several occasions. But Defense Attorney Scrappy Holmes successfully showed the state's witness didn't have the technical expertise that Judge Ed Klein was needing to revoke the bond. "It's a technical issue. It's not so much whether the devices work.  The individual this company sent down here testified really wasn't a technical guy. He was a manager of some kind, " said Holmes.

As a safeguard Christian is tonight wearing two ankle monitoring devices. District Attorney Stephanie Stephens was disappointed, but saw what was happening during the hearing. The second device is providing some assurance that Christian won't overstep his boundaries. Stephens said it's, " Kinda a double check procedure on him for the next two weeks which is when we go to trial on this. "

If Christian stays put he'll be facing a more serious matter starting June 30. He's the last of four defendants to go on trial for a bizarre murder for hire case involving primarily teenagers. The twenty five year old was the boyfriend of a 16 year old girl who convinced another teen to pull a trigger on her sleeping step dad. The girl's mother hired them all to commit the crime. It leads to a tough sentence.   Stephens said, " Life without parole which is what the other co defendants received. It's an automatic life without parole if he's convicted of capital murder. "

James Kelly's mother and other family members have attended every court hearing and trial for all the defendants involved. They're not wanting Dallas Christian to go anywhere, but prison.