Hudgins Receiver Sets Up Web site

Criminal charges are most likely eminent against George Hudgins. He's the Nacogdoches man facing civil charges in several states for telling investors they were making money, when in fact his investment firm was losing millions of dollars.   The U.S. Attorney Lufkin office is neither confirming or denying that the agency is corresponding with victims.

However, the attorney appointed as the receivership is providing investors lots of information. We spoke with the U.S. Commodity Future Trading Commission, the plaintiff in the civil case, about a recent web posting. A spokesman said,  " The receiver has established a web site at   which I would encourage all customers to take a look at and visit that particular web site. On the web site is all sorts of information about the case, documents, things of that nature. "   Hudgins present assets remain frozen, except for a living allowance. Investors are encouraged to contact the appointed receivership.