Trails System Growing

A four day survey in February showed more than 350 people used the Lanana Creek Trail. Certainly more citizens use it during the spring and summer....even during the heat of the day. On Lanana Creek Trail, Vincent Smith was riding a bike way too small for him but having lots of fun with his two sons.  " This is a great place for my boys. They come out and they show me how to ride a bicycle,"  laughed Smith.

Thanks to SFA professor, Dr. Ab Abernethy's personal labor the Nacogdoches trail system began in 1986. Today state grants have contributed toward more than 3 1/2 miles of trails. Parks director Kathy Joslyn oversees their development.  " The Millennium Trails plan takes the trail around the entire city and then there are portions of it that are being developed by SFA that are not, really historically, part of the plan, but will connect with the Millennium Trials Plan, " explained Joslyn.

Lanana Creek has a trail system. The Banita Creek has been left out of the loop, but that's beginning to change. Right now the Banita Creek trail is a dirt path. Machinery is on standby. A $60,000 Texas Parks and Wildlife grant is funding a 1/2 mile of ADA compliant surface. Smith's son said,    "I think that's going to be really exciting. "

Safety is taken into consideration. The Nacogdoches Police Department is providing patrol and emergency phones. Nacogdoches Police Chief Jim Sevey said,  " Most people feel very safe on the trail, but we also know that with limited accessibility and with the isolation that comes particularly on some legs of that trail we just want to get a bigger police presence out there and we want people to know we're going to be out there. "

The Nacogdoches trail system provides enjoyment, exercise and even history. After spending a day on a creek trail one little boy dug in his pockets to show off the arrow heads he found. Just the kind of reward trail planners like to see.