Lufkin City Council Approves New Business Incentive Package

The city council voted unanimously last night to approve project stretch for the Lufkin/Angelina county economic development partnership. It's a tax incentive program that will be offered to a business looking to call Lufkin home.

Jim Wehmeier, Director of Economic Development for the City of Lufkin says, " In order for us to take the next step we've gotta be able to commit to certain incentives to help their transition into our community and quite honestly to put this project ahead of other communities that are also trying to play in the project."

But Wehmeier is counting on Lufkin's charm and these new incentives to seal the deal.   He says, "It's ways to help cut costs for the company to put our, business wise to put our community ahead of other communities whether it's cost cutting you know assistance with you know various start up costs things like that."

The company that hasn't been named yet pending the outcome of negotiations is looking to move into the shell building on Old Mill Road between McMullen and Henderson.

It's a move that could bring the city a hundred jobs within 5 years. Wehmeier states, "We think it fits very well within our community. It's a great size. It's a quickly growing company and we think they'll be an asset to us."

Now they're waiting to see if these new incentives will help entice the company into Lufkin.