First Automated Water Meter Installed

Just about everything is automated these days. In Nacogdoches it will soon be the water meter systems. Distributor Todd Madrid explained,  " It's going to bind with the tower. That gives information sent back to city hall. It's going to give them readings six times a day. It's also going tell them if there's a leak for this location."

The new systems are more accurate than the old reading systems. Customers, you know what that could mean. Project engineer Brice Clements warned,  " Some of the readings may go up. " he'll soon find out. His house got the first of 13,000 meter systems to be installed. Engineers don't anticipate water users will see a large difference in their bills, like some customers saw last summer when a power company installed automated electric meters. What they do expect to see is an operational savings.

Cities like automated reader systems as it eliminates a lot of gas expense. Finance Director Jack Sparks manages the bills. " You got 13,000 meters and we travel all the way up to Central Heights and the water treatment plant up on FM 225 reading meters fuel costs add up the way it is nowadays."

The meter swap outs will begin in the southwest quadrant of the city. Customers will notice workers wearing bright green or blue shirts doing the swap outs. Their work should be completed by the end of the summer.