New Courthouse Rules Begin Monday

9-11 and courthouse shootings created a distinctive awareness about safety in public buildings. Consequently millions of dollars of Homeland Security funding has been directed toward security measures.   Some of that money is being spent in Nacogdoches County for security equipment and personnel.

Beginning Monday every customer at the courthouse will be required to enter through the northwest entrance. As they enter the lobby they'll be required to pass through metal detectors. The process is simple if you prepare before conducting courthouse business.   Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Department Deputy Angela Russell has the courthouse security assignment. She advised,    " If you commonly carry a pocket knife or anything, pepper spray, anything of that nature that you leave it in your vehicle or hopefully don't bring it because we will be required that you take it back to your vehicle. "

Licensed carriers of handguns will be provided a lock box for the weapon. In addition, security cameras are in full operation to help deputies keep a close watch on courthouse activity.