Gas Prices Keep Rising

by Christa Lollis

Regular unleaded is just pennies away from hitting the four dollar mark. Those rising prices are eating a hole the wallets of many East Texans. For one Angelina County resident, her husband's commuting is making life hard enough. She says, "He drives 60 miles roundtrip everyday to go just to work and home and that's if he doesn't travel while he's at work."

Making their dollars stretch means cutting corners in other areas, that includes summer vacations. "We have an SUV so you know if we're lucky we get between 16 and 18 miles to a gallon so this year we're not gonna be going to far." She's says if anything they'll go camping but even for that they'll stay here in East Texas.

Other drivers told us it's the car that makes the difference. The second driver we spoke with said, "I've got a small car so we can go pretty much anywhere and it not cost us much." So this summer their vacation plans haven't been haulted. And they aren't the only ones. A third driver said she's not letting the high prices get her down. She explains, "I'm tired, I'm ready for vacation so I'm not thinking about the gas prices." But whether they want to think about it or not, east Texans say they're reminded of it every time they fill up.