Driving Alternatives

by  Christa Lollis

Gas prices are constantly rising so many drivers are turning to alternate transportation. In East Texas the Brazos Transit System is a solution to the problem for hundreds of people each day. "It's very efficient. It's very economical. It goes all around town and the drivers are so wonderful and friendly and helpful," rider Ginger Ochoa said.

Just a few months ago the buses saw just over a hundred riders on an average day. But now, with gas prices drawing closer to 4 dollars, ridership is closer to 400 people a day. T.H. Wilson Sr. an employee with Brazos Transit said, "We expect it to continue to increase because the more you increase the price of gas and not having the wages to coincide with it the more people are going to have to cut corners."

The bus can even be scheduled to pick you up from home so your car never has to leave the driveway. And for a fraction of the cost of a gallon of gas riders say you can't beat the deal. "It's so convenient and cheap. It only costs a dollar one way and its' such a nice experience. it gets me where I need to go," Barrett Ochoa, a daily rider explained. The Ochoa's ride the bus daily and Wilson says more people should do the same. "Take the bus and leave the driving to us."