Possible Drowning

by Christa Lollis "

A 9 year old child was swimming south of the high lying area in the company of his father and another 5 year old child," Sgt. Greg Sowell with the Nacogdoches police department explained. They were spending the day in a boat at lake Nacogdoches. But around 6:30 Scott Dilks noticed his son drifting away. He jumped in the water to save him. Dilks did make contact with his son, but shortly after Dilks disappeared under the water. Sowell said, "Authorities were notified and we did a search last night till almost midnight of the area by boat and by land and the shore line."

Even after searching for 5 hours, they saw no sign of him. They suspended the search for the night and returned early this morning. "We have a perimeter set up with boats and a search boat out there," Sowell explained. Rescue crews used a sonar machine to detect any objects along the bottom of the lake. They also used an underwater camera to look for him. But still at the end of today the missing man wasn't found. Sowell says they'll continue again tomorrow until they recover the body.