Your Turn: Satellite Responses

We asked you to consider this, and you did.  Now it's Your Turn.

One viewer in Lufkin writes:

I get a lot of stuff in the mail advertising satellite TV deals.  They all say that I can get local channels.  I have thought about switching to satellite but when I talk to some friends who have it they say the local station comes from Tyler.  How can Tyler be local in Lufkin?  I don't care what happens in Tyler.  I would like to still have channel 9 KTRE as my local TV station so I can get news and weather for here.  I don't understand how that works.

Also, RR from Lufkin concludes:

When it comes to weather in the Lufkin and Nacogdoches area, the satellite companies have dropped the ball.  They lie when they say they offer local channels.  KTRE has local Doppler radar and meteorologists on staff.  That's just not available on satellite.  I don't want to watch Tyler/Longview weather, I want the local story.   Is this what happens when big business gets involved?

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