Angelina County Grant Application

by Mystic Matthews

Angelina County is gearing up to apply for a quarter-million dollar grant.

Consulting firm Raymond K. Vann and Associates met with Angelina County Commissioners Tuesday. The firm is preparing the county to apply for its yearly grant from the Office of Rural Community Affairs.... also called ORCA.

Each year, the county must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for the grant. Because of the way the county has used the grant money in the past, the consultant says renewal should be no problem.

"We're discussing what the counties consider the top priorities for applying on the next go-round on the regular community development fund which is for 250,000 dollars in its bi-annual cycle," said Ray Vann.

The stipulations for the grant say that 51% of the money has to be used in low to moderate income areas, and it must benefit the county citizens with items like roads or parks.