Kentucky Gunman Kills Five, Then Himself

HENDERSON, Ky (WFIE-TV/ RaycomMedia)-Police say a Henderson man killed five co-workers before turning the gun on himself. It happened at Atlantis Plastics in Henderson, Kentucky.

Police said the gunman, whose name has not yet been released, had an argument with a supervisor.

The gunman then went on lunch break.  Police said he brought back a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun.

Witnesses told WFIE that they heard a shot come from outside the plant.  The alleged gunman then came inside the plant and began shooting at random.

Four of the victims were shot in the breakroom.

The gunman then shot himself.

There were 34 employees in the building at the time of the shooting.

One other person is injured.  They are being treated at an Evansville hospital.

Police have surveillance video of the shooting but they are not releasing it at this time.

U.S. Representative Ed Whitfield released this statement:

"As we continue to learn new details about the tragedy that unfolded this morning in Henderson, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the family members, friends and colleagues of all who were lost.

The Henderson community is a strong one and while this morning's tragedy tests even the strongest faiths, I know the people of western Kentucky will be able to band together and, in time, heal from this senseless tragedy."

The Henderson Police Department is having a press conference at 3 p.m. CST.  WFIE will be taking the conference live. 

You can also stream the press conference at

Update, WED 4:56 AM: Five people are dead after a shooting at a Henderson plastics factory.

Witnesses tell WFIE that the alleged shooter had an argument with a supervisor at Atlantis Plastics.  He then left the plant.

When he came back, they say he shot the supervisor, walked in the plant and began shooting the other employees.

Witnesses say the shooting took place in multiple parts of the building.

Police say one of the five dead is the alleged shooter.

Two other people were injured.  They are being treated at Evansville hospitals.

Update, WED 4:06 AM: Police tell 14 News that there are now five people dead.  One of them is the shooter.

Police have just released that two people are being treated at Evansville hospitals.

Update, WED 3:39 AM: Police tell WFIE that the shooting took place in multiple rooms of the plant.  Two people were injured and five people are dead.

One is apparently the shooter.

Update, WED 3:13 AM:

Henderson police tell WFIE that five people are dead in the Atlantis Plastics plant.

One of them is believed to be the shooter.

Police say the shooter may have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Update, WED 3:07 AM: WFIE has confirmed that two people were injured in the Atlantis shooting.

They were taken to Evansville hospitals.

Update, WED 2:06 AM: Police and emergency vehicles are on the scene at a Henderson plastics plant.

Lt. David Piller with Henderson City Police says one gunman, apparently an employee, entered Atlantis Plastics on 390 Community Drive around 12:30 Wednesday morning and started shooting.

There are multiple victims, and several of them are being taken to area hospitals.

The gunman is still inside the building but police say he no longer poses any danger.

Courtesy of WFIE.