Crimestoppers Celebrates 25 Years

by Christa Lollis

Crimestoppers has been a trademark on KTRE since it's inception 25 years ago. Since then, it's helped police put 844 criminals in jail. "Over the years there have been murder cases, very serious cases that we've gotten information that led to the resolution of the crime and the conviction of the offense with crimestoppers," District Attorney Clyde Herrington said.

Law enforcement officials credit the success of the Lufkin crimestoppers to the community and it's involvement with the program. Sheriff Kent Henson explains, "They're our eyes and ears the public is, through crimestoppers that's another tool we get to use to help get info we need out to the public as far as trying to apprehend these suspects."

Crimestoppers has paid 138 thousand dollars to people who have called in tips. The 10's of thousands of tips that crimestoppers receives is what keeps the criminals off the streets and behind bars. The tips have also led to 2.3 million dollars worth of stolen goods being recovered. That's a statistic that board members say wouldn't be possible without the vigilance of the community. Crimestoppers board president Rocky Thigpen said, "When you know that either somebody's out there looking that may call, it makes a difference in what people do." The police department says they hope in the next 25 years they'll be able to catch even more criminals.