Recreational Vehicles & Gas

by Mystic Matthews

Gas prices are at record highs and experts expect them to stay that way.

So operating recreational vehicles like boats, jet skis and motor coaches is increasingly more expensive.

"You could burn $100 to $150 on fuel pretty quickly in a boat," said Dennis Muldrow, owner of Coolwater Boats in Lufkin.

Most people opt for putting gas in the car instead of gas in the boat.  Muldrow says fishermen are still heading out on the lake, but families are holding back.

"Your skiiers, pontoon and recreational party people are probably not going as much," said Muldrow.

As for motor coaches, people are still spending money on them, but sales are slipping.

"Class A's have been on a downward trend since 2004. The economic factors we've been talking about have given the industry another big shove downward," said Lyle Reed, president of Foretravel in Nacogdoches.

The bottom line is, the price of gas is affecting everyone's bottom line.

"People are trying to fix up what they've got instead of buying new stuff," Muldrow said.