16 Year-Old Charged With Capital Murder In Mother, Brothers' Deaths

Rains County murder suspect Erin Caffey will be tried as an adult in the deaths of her mother and two younger brothers.

Caffey is being held in the jail there on a charge of capital murder. She had previously been held in juvenile custody.

Caffey, you'll remember, was just 16 back in March, when she and 3 others allegedly killed her mother Penny Caffey, and her sons Matthew and Tyler Caffey in Emory.

The family's house was then burned to the ground.

Erin Caffey's father was shot multiple times in the attack, but survived and managed to escape the home before it was set on fire.

Caffey's co-defendants, Charlie Wilkinson, Charles Waid, and Bobbie Johnson are also awaiting trial on capital murder.

Tonight, Erin Caffey's bond has been set at one and a half million dollars.

Courtesy of KLTV.