Texas Roads

by Christa Lollis

All through East Texas road construction signs are detouring drivers on side roads and according to Senator Robert Nichols, more construction could begin soon. He told DETCOG that the 5 billion dollars voters approved will be put to use. "Those funds will be allocated and as those dollars start flowing then construction will pick up and the road repair, bridge repair safety improvements, widening shoulders things of that nature will be underway," Nichols explained.

He has also been vocal about the TTC and I-69. And today, TXDOT announced that they are moving forward with plans, and the contractor will be Zachary American and ACS infrastructure. TXDOT representative Kathi White says, "They will go ahead and start building a master plan working with TXDOT on a master for I69/TTC."

Right now the main focus is on highway 77 where the road will be brought up to interstate standards. But Nichols says we won't be seeing construction just yet. "Form Corpus Christi north and through East Texas that there will be no construction that the advisory committee that have been established will be from the area will be making recommendations on the future and having meetings as to what to do."

In a TXDOT press conference the contractor said for the next 12 to 18 months they'll be developing plans for the future interstate. White explains, "They're gonna start in South Texas but that doesn't mean they won't be doing anything in East Texas and all along that way from Brownsville to Texarkana and in between." But TXDOT says they're hoping to get things moving and help ease traffic issues throughout Texas.