New Prison Possibility

by Christa Lollis

A local businessman has a contract on this piece of empty land on Northwest Stallings and has big plans for the future. Stan Sisco with NEDCO explains the man "Is answering a request for a proposal to construct a 1500 bed federal minimum security prison."

Plans for the prison that will be used for illegal immigrants are still in the early stages. But many people are already putting their support behind it. City Deputy Manager, Victoria LaFollet says,"The facility with its inmates and its staff would be using about 66 million gallons of water every year and that equates to about 440,000 dollars." And then there's the payroll. It's estimated the prison will bring 300 jobs to East Texas and it's all government funded. "That's money coming outside of Nacogdoches into Nacogdoches into a million dollar a month payroll and when that money circulates in the economy it's a big boost," Sisco said. One that the contractors are hoping sells the deal to East Texans.

They will present the information to the city and county commissions this week. Sisco explains, "Community involvement or community backing is important to them again not financially but just again they want to be comfortable that they're wanted in Nacogdoches." And if all the deals go through, the new prison could mean big growth for Nacogdoches.