McFarland Hits National News

Lufkin's Jamarkus Mcfarland is becoming larger then life.

The top rated high school defensive prospect in the country, has everyone waiting for his college football decision.


Just this week, Mcfarland was followed by a crew from the New York Times.  Yeah, THAT, New York Times.

"Alot of people see me on the internet, and they just think of me as a hot head, big ego football player, and this was a way for the world to see that I am different than that," said McFarland.

The Times are not the only ones waiting to get a peice of the #2 recruit in the nation.

Everyday, McFarland comes home to a new stack of letters, and a voicemail full of messages.

But Jamarkus know how to avoid the phone calls, "If isn't from a 936 number, then I just don't answer."

But there is no avoiding the mail, lots of mail.

Inside his house sits five tubs, big tubs, of letters and scholarship offers from the biggest, and most influential colleges in the nation.

"This is not the life of a normal seventeen year old, coming in everynight and getting letters, people calling me to talk, it gets to be alot," says McFarland, "but then again it can be a blessing."

Now that the biggest newspaper in the nation has gotten hold of him, would there be any chance of Jamarkus on reality tv?

"No way, there is no way I can do the tv thing, there is just way too much drama on tv."