Church Members Build A House

by Christa Lollis

These church members are hammering in every nail in the frame of this house for a single mother and her kids. "The cost of building a home is so great now and there's some people who just can't afford what it takes to get in a home, what we try to do is to get our materials at the very lowest price we can and have all the labor donated that we can," church member Ernest Hudgens said.

First United Methodist decided to do this a few months ago and began working with habitat for humanity to find the right project for their ministry outreach. Hudgens also said, "A lot of times churches don't do anything really tangible, they do a lot of spiritual work and a lot of guidance work but this is something the First Methodist church will have built when it's all said and done." But putting the frame of this house together today isn't about honoring the church, it's about honoring the mission of the church. Associate pastor Mike Tyson explained, "If through working with habitat we can provide a safe place for a family to live and raise their children, I mean that's, God tells us to serve the last the lost and the least and anything we can do to help somebody we want to do that." The work doesn't end with this frame. Soon, the humble beginnings of this house, will mean a new beginning for an East Texas family.