2 Weekend Shootings

by Christa Lollis

A domestic disturbance ended with several shots being fired. Lufkin police say early Saturday morning 2 women and a man left a local nightclub and went back to one of the women's houses where her husband was.   He accused his wife of having an affair and began arguing with her.     The 3 left in a car and the husband followed them.   The husband began shooting at the other car while they were driving.   The victims headed to Wal-mart and the women ran inside.   The male victim climbed on the roof.   The suspect began shooting again and then fled the scene. No charges have been filed.

Then around 4 o'clock this morning there was another shooting.   A fight broke out at Whataburger and a witness broke it up. The fight then continued next door outside of Ames' Chicken.   Someone fired shots and then fled the scene.

In both shootings nobody was hit and no arrests have been made.   They are both still under investigation.