Fireworks Safety

Many East Texans will celebrate Independence Day with a bang, but if you aren't careful what is supposed to be a fun time could quickly turn sour.

"We've had some injuries in the past of you know most of them, most of them it just involves the hands somebody throwing and they discharge in their hand actually so that's pretty, that's real common.  It's more common that people would think," said Fire Marshal Del Birdwell.

So firefighters caution parents to constantly supervise children who have fireworks.

There's a few tips Nacogdoches firefighters say to remember, including pointing firecrackers away from yourself and others, and keeping water nearby in case of a fire.

"There could be pine straw leaves or whatever on top of a house and the fallout you could actually experience a structure fire just due to the fireworks falling down out of the sky," Birdwell said.

While safety is key when enjoying fireworks, where you're shooting them off is equally important.

"One of the main things that I can't stress enough about them, it's illegal to possess or discharge them in the city of Nacogdoches and PD and the Fire Marshal's office will be out patrolling," Birdwell said.

And they aren't the only ones. It's illegal to do them inside the city limits of most of the cities in East Texas.   And if you're caught with them you could be ticketed and fined.