Nacogdoches Smoking Ban

If you live in Nacogdoches, or if you plan to visit, you'll have a new city ordinance to comply with starting Tuesday.

Come July 1st, smoking is not allowed in any public building in the City of Nacogdoches, that includes offices, restaurants and even bars.  Officers will be enforcing the new city ordinance. Violators can be fined up to two thousand dollars.

Nacogdoches County Judge Joe English says the transition should be a relatively smooth one for the county courthouse. "We've been complying.  The county's been complying with the smoking policy for a long time.  We don't allow smoking within the courthouse.  Part of our policy is we have signs posted at the entrance and exit and this is a no smoking facility."

The ordinance also allows for individual business owners to be held liable for violation of the no smoking ordinance.