Welcome To The Chiropractic Lifestyle!

The Chiropractic model of health is based on the belief that the human body is wonderfully knit together by God and will heal itself, given the opportunity and the right circumstances.

For many years after its founding in 1895, many people thought of Chiropractic as O.K. for bad backs — period. But, an increasing number of people have come to think of the Doctor of Chiropractic as their family doctor and consult Dr. Elliott on a variety of health problems. It is now estimated that one out of every five Americans, from infants to seniors, utilizes Chiropractic care.

While the relief of pain and other symptoms is our goal, it is important to understand that the absence of symptoms — or pain — does not equal “good health”. That’s why the ultimate purpose of the Chiropractic approach to health care is not only to relieve your symptoms, but to uncover the cause of your condition AND restore optimum overall health and function through regular chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle.

There are three phases of Chiropractic care — Relief, Correction, and Wellness. The goal of the Relief phase is to reduce or eliminate pain. The number of visits necessary to accomplish this will depend on your age, underlying spinal condition, length of time you’ve had your condition, and other lifestyle choices.

The second phase of care, or Correction phase, helps restore the body to normal or maximum function. In most cases, pain is the last thing to show up and the first thing to leave when treating, so affected muscles and other soft tissues (such as the disc and ligaments) require care beyond the relief phase to correct.

The purpose of the Wellness phase of care is to prevent relapses of previous conditions and to address new conditions before symptoms appear.

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