Huntington Elementary Needs Votes For Contest

Not too long ago, big lots started a contest for schools and they are competing to win $10,000 in cash.

"We just decided to join the contest. We need a playground."

A playground indeed.  The existing one was moved, in order to make room for a new Kindergarden building.  But Principal Melanie Stubblefield says something happened in the process.

"We relocated and a lot of the equipment crumbled, due to old age. So we ended up with one nice piece of equipment left."

Which isn't enough.  So the parent teacher community organization stepped in.

Starlest Kimmey, also known as Sam, says not only are they raising money, but they helped the students enter big lot's "Lots To Give Contest."

"June 30th they said we could get on and see if our school was a finalist, so we got on and yes our school was there."

So now, all they need is your help.  But you might be wondering, why does a school need playground equipment?  They're there to learn right?

"They need some time to have creative play and time to do stuff with their friends," says Stubblefield.

But getting new stuff won't be cheap.

Stubblefield says, "Playground equipment is very expensive. What we bought 15 years ago at 10,000 is now 30,000."

And want to raise $100,000 in order to get what they need and they've got $20,000 so far.

"We need them to vote. Go online, vote for our school. you can vote 3 times a day per computer until July 22nd," says Kimmey.

"Make our playground of dreams come true for our children."