Judy McDonald Retires

Judy McDonald is a former city commissioner, mayor, financial advisor, and hospital relations director.    " I wouldn't trade those years for anything. I think it allowed me to make a difference," said McDonald. The public service particularly prepared McDonald for the last eleven years at NEDCO. The petite woman stood in front of a group of framed pictures of former chairmen. She commented,  " I had five wonderful chairmen. "

From her first day to her last, McDonald has expressed a desire to do what's right for nacogdoches. She said on her first day as NEDCO CEO in 1997,  " The entire focus every morning when we get up, that's going to be exactly all we're going to have to think about is how can we make Nacogdoches economy grow. " She said on her last day of work, " If things don't get better and we don't continue to work very, very hard to make sure that we are always building on nacogdoches and sitting back and saying, 'We have enough of whatever,' we will be in bad shape, but I'm leaving at a good time as far as our county is concerned. "

Some residents doubt that McDonald can stay away from the workplace. Close friends believe this time she's ready for something entirely different.  " Cause my time will be my own, " she said. McDonald says she wants to give blood, spend time on her home's back porch,do church work and volunteer work. She shied away from volunteerism while working. Her concern was that when called upon she wouldn't be available.

When asked why she worked for so long in public service, McDonald borrowed a phrase from a Russian manufacturer she once met. She said, "Because I had to try to make a difference."