Restaurant Report- Angelina County

We take a look at our Restaurant Report. Let's see what health inspectors had to say about some Angelina county eateries.

The Taqueria Lindo Mexico got a whopping 43 demerits. Health inspectors say the prep tables were not at the proper temperatures. There was cross contamination with raw shrimp. There was evidence of rodent droppings. And the floors, defrost freezer, equipment and container lids needed to be cleaned. Most of the items were fixed and okayed by health inspectors a few days later.

The Dairy Queen in Huntington wasn't far behind with 33 demerits. The restaurant needed to have proper food handler's certification. They also needed to remove a household crock pot. And the hot water needed to be fixed in the hand sink. And they needed to exterminate for flies.

Catfish King on South Medford got only 4 demerits. The handsink leak needed to fixed and the trash can containers had no lids.

Casa Morales II on Highway 59 got 20 demerits. A lid was required on food items. Hand sanitizer was needed in the bar area, and a screen is required on an open window and the back door must be tight fitting. The scoop handle was in the ice and there was mold inside the ice machine.

Dairy Queen on Atkinson got 19 demerits. They need to exterminate for flies. The floors were dirty under equipment and storage shelves. and the food manager was not on site.

The Gourmet Potatoe only received 3 demerits. They just need to use the proper reheating before placing in a hot hold. They also need to clean and sanitize the fountain drink nozzles.

Congratulations to the following: Trinity Mission, Connie's Club, Skate Ranch, and The Finish Line, all received zero demerits on this week's report.