Firework Shows Take Lots of Prep

The Nacogdoches soccer fields are closed today. The wide open space is the work place for Pyrotechnico.the company will light up the sky.   Pyrotechnician, Roger Smith said, " They're the third largest pyrotechnics company in the United States. They're fourth generation, the Vitale family and started the company in the United States in 1889."

Early in the morning pyrotechnicians start daisy chaining shells for the finale. Steven Smith explained,  " We're loading in the shells into the tubes that are going to be individually fired and the shots right here we got roughly a 100 shots. It's going to be time delayed electronically fired. Once they shoot, stand back. "  Large firing tubes give you the impression right away that they'll hold something much larger than the typical bottle rocket. Roger entered a rental truck saying,  " This is what the people like to see, so we'll grab you a big one. This is an 8 inch diameter. It's a color with a golden palm, so when it explodes it's going to be golden and in the shape of a palm tree." Larger shows use 16 inch and 32 inch shells. The arsenal is placed in the ground for their size and the altitude they'll reach. It's just safer that way. But just in case, fire fighters are on standby.

The last bit of prep work is to check out the computers used to synchronize the show, also the finale racks are covered up with foil so a stray spark won't cause them to accidentally go off. Every step has one goal in mind. Roger said, " To provide excitement and entertainment.what would the 4th of July be without fireworks. It's just as American as hot dogs and apple pie. " Up to 1000 shells will be used in the freedom fest show. Certainly enough to create all those ooohs and ahhs.