Davis' Family Ties

by Ryan Peterson

Playing at the Rangers Ballpark, is a dream come true for Longview native Chris Davis.  It was just as special for his family.

"I was speechless," Davis' sister Jennifer Vansau says.  "I still am. It's so weird watching him on television.  Especially when he's playing the Yankees."

While Davis hits home runs at Yankee Stadium, several family members have had to change their baseball allegiance.  Davis' sister, grandmother, aunt's, uncles and cousins call Lufkin home.

"They were Astros fans," Vansau says.  "But you have to be a Ranger fan now."

"I guess the Rangers are my team," Davis' brother in law Rocky Vansau says while wearing an Astros cap.  "I just don't like to take the hat off."

Rocky did root on the Rangers at Minute Maid Park, when Davis made his big league debut.

"We were all there," Jennifer Vansau says.  "I could tell that meant something to him."

Since then, Davis has hit three home runs.

"I'm not surprised at all," Rocky says.  "Chris has always been a good baseball player and he'll continue to do that."

Davis' family can't be at every game.  But, they'll always be watching.