DaVita Patient Not Worried

by Christa Lollis

Just a few days ago protesters were outside of DaVita hoping to stop people from going into the clinic again. But Gail Owens says it's where she's gone for 2 and a half years and where she wants to keep going. "I felt like I was at home there. I was treated only the best. I didn't have any problem with the staff."

So to find out one of those people she trusted is alleged to have injected patients with bleach came as a shock to her. "She didn't seem the type to do something like this, no she didn't."

Kimberly Clark Saenz wasn't Owens' nurse but hearing the news of her arrest still hit close to home. Owens said, "To hear that there were possible reasons that we had patients to die was a concern of mine, me being a patient there of course I was concerned."

The comfort she feels at DaVita offsets those concerns. She says she has never worried about her own safety and in fact it's been quite the opposite. So this week she walked back through the doors of DaVita for the first time in 2 months.

While not all of her family and friends are happy she says it's right for her. But Owens told KTRE, "The reason I'm back there is because I felt safe. I never felt threatened and I still think this is the best for me." She also hopes that other people in the community will not let the alleged actions of one nurse determine their outlook on the rest of DaVita's employees.