Soldier Comes Home

by Christa Lollis

Independence Day has been a reminder to the Calloway family of the sacrifices one of their own family members makes each day. For Major Albert Duffield, the holiday is what this country is about. He says, "It's happiness, it's sadness, it's everything that embodies this country. Independence allows us to get together for occasions like this through our families and just rejoice and be happy."

Rejoicing is exactly what this family has been doing this weekend while Duffield has been home. And today his relatives let him know it's what the military does that gives America its Independence.

Duffields uncle, Earl Calloway said, "Even like freedom of speech or just going downtown and walking, there's a lot of people in other country's that can't do that." And they let Duffield know that thanks to the men and women like him, those luxuries are an everyday thing for Americans.

He says he just looks at the war and the military like a roller coaster. "You're gonna have your ups and downs, a little anxiety but when it's all said and done you get off of that roller coaster, everybody's smiling ready to do it all over again."