Bikes and Scooters Gaining In Popularity

Everyday surgical nurse Jessica Malone hops on her deluxe giant bicycle to go to and from work.    " I live five miles from door to door. It's five miles, " said Malone. Which takes her about thirty minutes. Her weight has gone down. So has her gasoline bills. Malone explained,  " I have a big Suburban and it takes quite a chunk of change to fill it up and I filled it up the last time I went 20 days on one tank of gas, which is a lot. We were filling it up about four times a month and it's gone down to twice. "

The less active are turning to scooters. The craze is taking off. Scooter clubs are forming all over. Owners compare makes, Denise McDonald got one for her birthday. " It's a 125 cc and it's called a vino Yamaha,"  said the Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful assistant. " This is a vintage '85 Honda scooter, " said Chay Runnels as she described her husband's scooter. Sitting right next to it was a similar model that she drives. Tim Lewallen proudly said,  " I have a 1985 Honda Spree scooter and it's 49 cc, about as small as they come. "

And of course gas mileages are compared.. Lewallen said,  " I get about 70 miles a gallon on my spree and that's actually kinda poor for this machine. When it's tuned up properly I can get about 100 miles per gallon. This scooter holds 6/10 of a gallon. I filled up yesterday with premium. A full tank load was $2.39."

The savings is nice, but for many owners that's not the primary reason for buying one. McDonald said, " Looked like fun. " Runnels likely said,  " It was purely out of fun and something neat to have. "

So rather it's a bike or a scooter, all generations are learning they can get you around town.

You can contact the Nacogdoches Scooter Club by e-mailing them at