Gas Saving Tips

Auto mechanics know all too well that many vehicle owners neglect regular upkeep of one of their most costly possessions. Chuck Howard checked under the hood of the car he was working on.  "It's time for an oil change. I think this vehicle has been lacking in maintenance for a while now, " he commented. Dirty oil lowers efficiency. So do dirty air filters. This time he pulled out a black, filthy air filter Howard knew,  "This would really result in bad fuel mileage."    And pay attention to your tires. The tire gauge on the same car told Howard,    "That tire is low."  You can usually find the correct tire pressure for your vehicle inside the passenger door. Ignoring the guidelines results in,  " Tire wear," said Howard. " You get more of a drag on your vehicle, burn more fuel to try to get up to the same amount of speed. It's like throwing out an anchor. "

Fuel prices can hold you down like an anchor too. The Center For American Progress reports families are spending on average, 4% of their after-tax income on gasoline, the highest level since late 1983.

So after checking under the hood, check out your driving habits. Howard referred to a good rule of thumb.  " The old saying was we drive like an egg shell underneath our gas pedal. We need to watch our rabbit starts.we need to try not to make as many stop and go starts as possible. "

Garages are noticing a pickup in overall maintance checks since gasoline prices have gone up. Howard easily concluded,  " So far this car is not doing very well on fuel mileage. " Just by following all the tips given in this report you can improve your gas mileage by 53%. A good start to fuel efficiency.

Other Fuel Info

Air conditioning and open windows affect fuel economy in similar ways: only about half a mile per gallon. Source: AAA

No matter what time you buy gas it's the same temperature. Buy it when you need it. Source: Consumer Reports

Try not to idle your car for more than 30 seconds. However, an idle doesn't use much fuel. Source: Consumer Reports

Avoid unknown additives and gadgets. Source: Popular Mechanics

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