Top 10 list of stolen cars

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) -- A new report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau says it's the older cars suspects are stealing.

This year on the top 10 list, the number one hot car to hot-wire is a 95 Honda Civic.

Number two on the list is a 91 Accord.

According to Forbes Magazine, a junker is more valuable to thieves because they can strip it and sell the parts, which are worth a lot more on the street.

Since a car is stolen every 2.5 seconds in the U.S., there's a lot of it going on.

"It's real easy, especially if you're not worried about scratching the paint. It depends on the vehicle," says Johnny McAdams.

It took our guy less than 25 seconds to break into this vehicle.

"The new ones have a lot more security stuff on them. It makes it a little tougher because you can't hit the unlock button on them," says McAdams.

And even if you use a code to get in, don't leave your keys in the car.  That's one less step thieves have to take.

"If you leave your keys in the car, it gives them more access.  It's a lot easier and they will be gone quicker.  They've got the key to the ignition and they can go.  They're not trying to hotwire.  A car can be stolen at anytime really, no matter where you are at," says Adams.

So to keep your car safe, experts suggest using some sort of security device, like an alarm, a kill switch or wheel locks.

Even if your car is a piece of junk, it may be just the right car for a thief to hit the jackpot.