Warrant Sweep

by Christa Lollis

In one month the Angelina County sheriff's office arrested 39 people with outstanding warrants. But most of that came in just one week. "From Monday June the 24th till Thursday June the 26th I had marshals service was in here teamed up with our people at the sheriff's department and went out and arrested 21 people, cleared 25 warrants just in the four day time period," Sheriff Kent Henson explained.  Many of them were from East Texas, but the US Marshal's helped find some criminals as far away as Virginia.

This warrant sweep mainly focused on felony warrants. And that means facing criminals with a dangerous background. Deputy Donna Clayton says, "You have to be on your guard and of course the US Marshals that went with us they were really good and you were confident that you had some good backup if anything happened."

While a few people tried to run, during this sweep they didn't face much resistance. And now, there are 39 criminals behind bars and the sheriff says that's made East Texas safer. "Several of them in there for aggravated assault, aggravated assault on a peace officer stuff like that. If they've done it once they're gonna do it again."

While Operation Falcon is over, the sheriff's office will still be on the lookout for anyone with warrants. Henson warns criminals, "You can't hide somewhere or another along the line you're gonna get caught and it may be a traffic stop, maybe a disturbance call at your house when we came out and we run you through the computer and then you got warrants on your, you got warrants at you need to take care of it." If you don't you lose the right to pay the fine, instead you'll be going to jail.