Lamp-Lite Theatre serves community

By Donna McCollum

NACOGDOCHES, TX ( KTRE ) - Another kid filled summer production at Lamp Lite Theatre. Bright costumes, cheerful songs and cute children make up the summer production Willie Wonka. The summer plays always involve numerous children, and this guarantees that lots of parents and grandparents will buy tickets.   The summer productions bankroll the theatre for an entire year. Sarah McMullan has been directing and paying the light bill for years.   " Thirty-eight years here and before that I had a theatre in Mississippi. It's been my life," said McMullan in her distinctive southern accent. When asked if she's concerned about the theatre's future, she laughs and said, " I suppose when I stop to think about it. "

She doesn't have much time for that. She and the other actors live in the moment. The young ones are learning skills that will shape their lives. Ty Wilson said, " Stage presence might help me get along better with other people." The child actor has already had a gig in Hollywood. He aspires to be a star. McMullan has also seen numerous adults come out of their shell by taking the stage. The director said, " They gain so much happiness and self confidence. "

Community theatre brings a sense of belonging for anyone who participates. Whether it be the music accompanist, the set designer and stage hands or the moms who spend countless hours on those costumes. Keith Aiavolasiti started acting at the Lamp Lite in 1991. " I like the community involvement. We're all working toward one goal to make a good production. " Steven Josephsen started a few years later. " Plays have a lot of things that make you think about and being a part of that is why I do it. "

The goal is to extend that sense of belonging to the audience. That's a great way to be a part of Lamp Lite Community Theatre. You don't even have to memorize lines.

The musical 'Willie Wonka' can be seen for the next two weekends at the Lamp Lite Theatre on Loop 224 and the Old Tyler Road. Tickets are available at the door or can be purchased at a variety of businesses and banks around town.