iPhone Hits Stores

by Christa Lollis

The new iPhone hit the shelves today, and in Lufkin customers were lined up outside of the building for hours waiting for the doors to open.

At ten thirty they got word the Lufkin store had sold out.  Some of the customers who had been waiting for 2 hours weren't too happy about that. "After we stand in line since 9 o'clock and the man sit there in our face and we asked him was they gonna have enough for everybody in line, they told us they did, then they come out a second time and said they were out of the 8 gig, they still had plenty of 16 gig, we get up there and they don't have any," Otis Norseweather said.

The people we spoke with at the store said they're excited about the new software the upgraded phone has and say it's well worth the money.