Rabies warning to vaccinate and register your pet

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - So far this year four rabid skunks have been reported in Nacogdoches County. That includes one found inside the city limits of Nacogdoches. The state health services department is also reporting that bats have returned to East Texas. They too can carry rabies.

With that in mind pet owners are being reminded that it's the state law to have your dogs and cats vaccinated against rabies. In Nacogdoches a new city tag ordinance has begun.   Veterinarians will have the option of selling them. Most will, for the convenience of their customers. Dr. Kellie Sterling said,    " It's a little more paper work, but if it can help the shelter and make things go smoother we're more than happy to help. " Environmental Health Manager Tommy Wheeler explained,   " It is a city ordinance that animals be registered and this is for many reasons. To make sure that they have their rabies shots and to make sure if the animal is lost, it is better able and easier for us to locate the owner. "   the city tag fee is $5 for neutered or spayed animals. The fee goes up to $10 for all others.