Protecting Your Home

by Christa Lollis

Your house could be a target for thieves. They may even be watching and waiting for you to leave. "I watched both of them leave to go to work and when they went to work, I went and burglarized their house," One inmate said.  He said he got in through the front door by unlocking it with a knife.

The three inmates charged with burglary that we talked to said some people don't even make it hard to break in. Another inmate who was charged with burglary explained how he broke in, "We went to see if the door was open and to see if the window was open. It was at an apartment complex and the window was open."

They all agreed they didn't want to deal with anyone in the houses, they just cared about getting the valuables so they could make some money and that's what they looked for.  "Weapons, guns, riffles, jewelry, you know nice TV's, just anything that was valuable that I could sell."

There are some tricks to keeping the thieves away when you're not around. They said security lights, dogs and deadbolt locks would deter them from targeting a house. And your neighbors could be your best security system. One of the inmates explained, "That's how I got caught the first time you know people had seen me some, two people were like sitting outside and I didn't see them but they saw me."

They explained the best way to keep would-be burglars at bay is to keep your prized possessions out of sight. "Don't flaunt what you got. Pretty much don't tell people what you have cause anybody that pretty much hears it will want that."