Whatever Happened to the Lufkin Theatre Rape Investigation?

Movie theatres are supposed to be a place for families and friends to escape into any number of worlds. Fantasy, science fiction, adventure, and comedy are all popular choices. But the night of February 6, 2008 turned into a night of horror for one woman in Lufkin.

So whatever happened to the investigation into the rape that happened at the Cinemark Starplex theatre?

According to Lufkin police, a woman, who had moved to Lufkin from another state just to work at the theatre, was closing up on the night of Wednesday, February sixth. She left the office, and was attacked by a white male who she'd noticed earlier in the evening.

Police later asked anyone who went to the theatre after 4:30 that evening, to come in for questioning, and most of the people who bought tickets were identified. Cinemark is offering a $3,000 reward, but Lt. David Young says he feels like a big break might not be far away.

"As time passes it does become more difficult to identify new suspects," Young said. "But we have identified a number of people that were of interest to us. And we have DNA samples off in the lab, and we have DNA from what we believe is the suspect. So, we're not out of the woods on this yet. We're still very optimistic that we can get something on this soon."

In the meantime, Lt. Young said that there is a lesson to be learned from this heinous crime. Employees, especially female employees, shouldn't be at work alone during closing time.

"In this case, she really had very little option," Young said. "She stepped out, and he was right there, and she couldn't do anything differently. It's robbery prevention and it's just employee safety. If you can have two people leave at closing versus just one, you're going to be a little safer."

While police do believe they have DNA on the suspect, the investigation is still open. If you have information about the case, contact the Lufkin Police Department.