What Goes Down The Drain?

Waste comes in all shapes and sizes...and unfortunately for the people at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lufkin th see it all and it's not just what goes down the sink.

Linda Jones, from Wastewater Treatment Plant says, "Anything you flush, or dump or drain it's going to come down here eventually."

But the way it looks when it get there is not quite what you would expect. Jones adds, " Some indigestible food products you'll recognize. Just different things."

So how about that diamond ring a woman once flushed on purpose? Well, Debra Cassidy, from the Wastewater Treatment Plant says, " We've never found anything like jewelry. We've found money and coins and things like that."

She also says they've had requests. Cassidy says, "I had a lady call once who lost her Cadillac keys. We searched for a few days, but they never turned up."

But, a lot of things do turn up... like toys. Cassidy points out, "Probably 99.9 percent of it will come down the sewer line, from being flushed down the toilet. You can hear the kids in there and 'kapoosh', you know something's gone down."

Other things like cell phones turn up too. "With this, probably in somebody's back pocket while they were using the restroom and it went into the toilet and there she goes, " says Cassidy.

Don't forget dentures... yes dentures, but it gets better. "When we had our old bar screen system, we'd find 20 dollar bills, which our guys would just wash it up. It still spends the same, Cassidy says laughingly.

So why keep all this stuff you ask? Cassidy wonders the same she says, "I don't know why we keep it. It's just weird, so we keep strange things because we find it odd also."

But in the end Linda Jones says, "It can be a little odiferous and gross at times, but it's a worthwhile job."

So what can we learn from this? Simple, if it goes into the water system somebody's got to deal with it. So officials are asking you not to put anything down the drain or in the toilet... that doesn't belong.