Houston County man claims civil rights violations

A 20-year-old Crockett man has reported two Houston County Sheriff's Deputies assaulted him and violated his civil rights last week.

Billy Groves is a civil rights activist in Crockett and spoke on behalf of the victim, Damien Taylor.

"I talked to him. He was very believable. He had bruises, is traumatized, intimidated and I believe this has no place in the 21st century," says Groves.

The initial report was filed with the Crockett Police Department this past Saturday, but Crockett Police Chief Jimmy Fisher says they are not investigating the matter and have urged the victim to consult a federal agency.

We spoke with Sheriff Bobbitt who says although he has spoken with Crockett Police Officers and the deputies who are allegedly involved, he is not investigating either.

"I've had no victim report to this administration that an assault has even happened," says Bobbitt.

Groves says Taylor has contacted the FBI to investigate, "That's guys rights were violated. He's filed a letter to the FBI and the justice department, but hasn't gotten any relief because the investigation is in the early stages."

But Sheriff Bobbitt says no outside agency has contacted him and until they do, he's got nothing to go on but rumors.

"A lot of people pre-judging this as a black or white issue are probably not being fair.  They've probably more than likely only heard one side of the story," says Bobbitt.

The Sheriff says he believes this entire matter has been jeopardized because of the way it's been handled.

"Wait and let evidence speak for itself instead of pre-judging and finding innocent people guilty when an actual investigation hasn't even begun."