Murder Investigation Update

by Christa Lollis

Jasper police have been investigating a murder after human remains were found that are believed to be that of Martin Byerly.

Evidence was sent to a Houston crime lab and some of the results are back in. Now the police department is going to compare that DNA to the DNA of Byerly's daughter to see if it is a match.

Eric Wade Smith remains in jail as the suspect in the case. Smith directed police to a motel where the evidence was taken.

Smith's wife has also been arrested. According to Jasper police, Sylvia Smith was sending letters to her husband and lacing them with a controlled substance. The letters were intercepted by Jasper County jail staff and when Smith was confronted she admitted she had been lacing the letters. She also told authorities her husband instructed her on how to do it.

She was charged with delivery of a controlled substance but has already posted her bond of 5000 dollars. Her husband was also charged with delivery of a controlled substance and he remains in jail on the murder charge of Martin Byerly.